How about we have an online dinosaur quiz that isn't horrible

10th August 2022

Question one: which dinosaur rode a unicycle and ate Curly Wurlies?
Here's three things I definitely love:

✅ The internet
✅ Dinosaurs
✅ Quizzes

By contrast, one thing I definitely don't love is internet dinosaur quizzes, which I'm sorry to say are pretty much uniformly fuckawful across the board. It's clear in basically every case that whoever is putting them together has no idea about dinosaurs or what would constitute a good quiz question for a dino-nerd.

So many of them involve questions that hinge on long-discredited science, "facts" that are just plain wrong, and questions worded in such a way that they don't even make sense or otherwise expect the quizee to know ridiculous things about esoteric dinosaur statistics that even the most eggheaded dino-dweeb would struggle to answer ("how long in feet was Futalognkosaurus?").

I don't remember how I came to notice, but a few months ago I was roused by the discovery that the domain name - at the time owned by some other random person who wasn't doing anything with it - would soon be up for renewal (and therefore expiry if they neglected to do that).

And so, like an opportunistic web vulture, I circled overhead and patiently waited for the domain registration to die! Except vultures don't really do that, and if anything, I was really waiting to breathe life into an already-dead domain. Hopefully my web skills are better than my similes?

Anyway, the previous owner did indeed allow the domain registration to lapse, which is how I - now its proud new custodian - have been able to install the following at said address:

Dinosaur Quiz screenshot
In all its glory.

This is the new I built the website and quiz engine in a day or so using good ol' HTML, JS & CSS (all vanilla stuff as per my usual practice - no jQuery or what-have-you).

It's currently loaded up with 50 questions to get it started, and I'll be looking to beef up the question list as time goes on. (It takes a surprisingly long time to write decent quiz questions - to be honest it probably took longer to write the initial question list than it did to build the website).

There's no score counter or anything - I wanted it to be more of an open-ended thing where you can test your knowledge in an ongoing and casual kinda way and just finish whenever you get bored.

I also put in a little feature where the quiz remembers which question you last saw, so if you close out your tab and come back later, it'll show you the next question and won't restart you from the beginning (courtesy of my good friend, the LocalStorage API).

Anyway, that's about all there is to say about that. If you're into dinosaurs, and quizzes thereof, I've got just the thing for you. Have fun! 😎👍


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